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D&D is extension for Rothana in Egypt for medical business, Adding to this D&D will be extension for new sector which is food business, As we believe that food is very important aspect for all diabetic Patient, So we decide to help them achieve all milestone towards controlling disease, Not only this but help normal people to be more healthier, By distributing state of art new food supplement to make everyone have better life, Also we will not be only helping patients but also adding value to market by always being a company that bring to market new product in all sectors food , retail , medical & Cosmetics.

D&D will be the way for Rothana to cover all business in Africa we will continue to expand starting from North Africa down to west , East & South African countries within the coming 5 years.


Doing our best to help you and your family to live healthier life. By Delivering the best product, service & care we can do to make everyone satisfied.


To be the company that aim to make everyone live in a healthy way.


Distributing full range of product which cover from basic need to things which make your life more comfortable.


Designing new ideas which suits all family member.


Deliver our service with professional team that serve customer in the best way they ever had.


Depend on us always when you want to choose the right partner.

OUR Services

Home hair treatment & care

Rothana understand well that hair treatment selling not only involved choosing and buying the right product but also finding the expert who can apply those treatment to the hair of customer and because we are always looking to have full customer satisfaction we decided to create a network of expert hairstylist who can help you to apply those treatment inside your home with our salon in your home service we will send you the expert onto your home to apply those treatment ...... not only that but also we can guide you to the best hairstylist Incase you need to apply service outdoor

Choose us and you will have the full care ...


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