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Majestic Hair Biotin treatment is the world first natural liquid Biotin (B7) formula that is infused directly into the hair shaft. Our research team was able to convert the Biotin, also known as Vitamin “B7” into very small molecules that can be easily absorbed into the hair follicles during the treatment. Biotin “B7” is essential for your hair health and strength. The formula is also combined with natural proteins, keratin and collagen that will also remove frizz, reduce volume, straighten, soften and deeply restore damaged hair. It is a new magnificent formula for healthy natural looking and strong hair.


  • Wash the hair twice with Majestic Clarifying Shampoo. Rinse well and towel dry. For very tight curls & virgin hair, leave the Clarifying shampoo on for 10 minutes to ensure that the hair cuticles are ready to receive the treatment.
  • Remove excess of water with a towel
  • Blow dry hair with moderate heat about 80% dry.
  • Divide the hair in small sections; apply Majestic Protein Therapy with a brush from root to end, starting from the back of neck. Note that, unlike other products, there is no need to remove excess product at this stage, leave the entire product on the hair.
  • Leave the treatment for 45 minutes for wavy/frizzy hair and 60 minutes for very curly hair.
  • Remove excess product with water. Don’t completely wash hair. If hair is blonde or it has highlights, Rinse with Majestic Replenishing Shampoo, otherwise, rinse only (no shampoo)
  • Blow-dry hair completely 100% using your blow dryer and hair brush (the more the hair is brushed, the better the result).
  • Apply the Majestic Premium flat iron at least 10 times on each section; on the inner parts of the hair, especially close to the neck. Use very thin layers of hair at a time to ensure inner layers are sealed as well. Set the temperature be between 410°F/210°C and 450°F/230°C, depending on the thickness of the hair
  • Now the Biotin Hair treatment is completed. Maintain Treatment with Majestic Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner every time you wash your hair.

Majestic Biotin Hair Therapy Complete Kit

Sales Tax Included
    • Majestic Biotin Hair Therapy
    • Majestic Keratin Clarifying Shampoo
    • Majestic Keratin Replenishing Shampoo
    • Majestic Keratin Replenishing Conditioner
    • Majestic Keratin Leave In - Only with the 10 fl Oz (300ml)
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