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Majestic Hair Anti-Aging Treatment for the hair is a quick, easy and affordable hair repair solution for the salon and the customer. It repairs, reconstructs the damaged hair, deeply hydrates and eliminates the frizz as well as it lengthens the keratin treatment.

Box of 6 Pieces 

Recommended use for:

  • Damaged by chemical processes
  • Coloring
  • Discoloration
  • Highlights
  • Straightening/Keratin
  • Damaged by Hair Dryer and/or Flat Iron
  • Dehydrated or Curly hair that needs deep hydration without straightening the curls



  • Wash hair thoroughly with MK Replenishing Shampoo.
  • Mix one vial (0.5 fl oz = 15ml) with 3 times the amount of warm water (1.5 fl oz = 45ml) into a bowl until a creamy solution is obtained.
  •  Apply product on humid hair from root to end. Leave in for 15-20 minutes with thermal cap on.
  • Rinse off product (water only, no shampoo) and Style as desired.

Note: Professional Use - Rinse off 80% product from hair with water only. Blow Dry hair and flat iron for best results.



Majestic Anti-Aging Hair Treatment 15 ML ( Box of 6 Pieces)

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  • ANTI AGING HAIR TREATMENT: Moisturizing Concentrate Fluid that in just minutes eliminates frizz and delivers hydration. This quick and powerful liquid vials will provide excellent repair and conditioning properties, resulting in immediate, visibly softer and silkier hair. It can be applied once a month and in between all MK hair treatments.

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