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Rothana Commercial Brokerage, an extension of our well-established parent company founded in 2013, has emerged as a premier commercial brokering firm with a strong presence across a diverse range of industries. Building on our legacy of success, we continue to provide exceptional services to businesses and organizations in the global marketplace. Our experienced and dedicated team acts as a trusted intermediary, specializing in facilitating the trading of a wide range of commodities and arranging purchases and sales between foreign suppliers, sellers, and buyers.



About Rothana Commercial Broker

As we expand our horizons, we remain committed to our core values and pledge to deliver the same level of dedication and expertise that has distinguished us since our inception. Our company's journey is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and our ability to adapt and grow in a rapidly changing business landscape. With a solid foundation and a proven track record, Rothana Commercial Brokerage is poised to further elevate its presence and reputation in the global commercial brokering sector. Trust in our expertise and let us be your reliable partner in navigating the complexities of the global marketplace.


1.    Manufacturing
2.    Retail
3.    Distribution
4.    Import/Export

5.    Energy
6.    Food and Cereals
7.    Transportation and Railway
8.    Metal and Precious Metals



1.    Commercial brokering & deal facilitation
2.    Price negotiation and contracting
3.   Client representation and advocacy
4.    Cross-border contract negotiation

5.    Transaction coordination and support
6.    Product sourcing and supplier vetting
7.    Networking & partnership opportunities



Clients and company values 

Our Clients: At Rothana, we serve a diverse client base that includes manufacturers, retailers, distributors, import/export businesses, energy companies, food and cereal producers, transportation and railway enterprises, metal and precious metals traders, and many more.


Client-Centric Approach: Our clients' success is our priority. We strive to understand their unique needs and provide tailored solutions that deliver results and foster long-lasting relationships.


Integrity and Trust: We maintain the highest levels of honesty, transparency, and professionalism in our work, ensuring that our clients can trust us with their most critical commercial brokering needs.


Global Perspective: Our extensive global network and knowledge of international markets enable us to provide our clients with the insights and connections they need to thrive in today's competitive business landscape.


Innovation and Adaptability: We embrace change and continuously adapt to the evolving needs of our clients and the industries we serve, leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies to stay ahead of the curve.


Teamwork and Collaboration: Our success is driven by the collective efforts of our talented team members who collaborate to deliver the best possible results for our clients.


Sustainable and Responsible Business Practices: We are committed to conducting our business operations in a manner that promotes sustainability and social responsibility. We work diligently to ensure that our activities have a positive impact. 

Our mission is to provide efficient and effective commercial and financial brokering services that help our clients achieve their goals and succeed in their respective industries.


Competitive Advantages

As a new and dynamic commercial brokerage, Rothana Commercial Brokerage has several key competitive advantages that set us apart from our competitors:
a.    Agility and Responsiveness: Being a new company allows us to be more agile and responsive to market changes and client needs. We can quickly adapt our strategies and services to meet evolving demands.
b.    Innovative Technology: We utilize the latest technology to streamline our operations and enhance the services we provide to our clients. This includes advanced communication tools, data analytics, and customer relationship management systems that allow us to deliver seamless and efficient solutions.
c.    Collaborative Culture: Our company culture encourages collaboration and open communication among team members, ensuring that we can leverage our collective knowledge and expertise to benefit our clients.


Fields Of Success

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Our team has extensive experience in

assisting manufacturers in their commodity

trading needs. We understand the

complexities involved in sourcing raw

materials, and our services are designed

to streamline the process, ensuring a

smooth and efficient transaction.


We understand the importance of reliable

and cost-effective supply chain management

for retailers and distributors. Our team

provides customized solutions to meet their

specific needs, ensuring that they have

access to the products they require

in a timely manner.


Our team has a deep understanding of the

metal and precious metals industry, and

we are committed to providing efficient and effective solutions to help businesses navigate

the complex process of trading in these commodities. Whether it's sourcing metals

from overseas, or selling metals to other

countries, we are here to help, including

but not limited to copper and gold.




Our team has a deep understanding

of the import/export industry, and we are committed to providing efficient and

effective solutions to help businesses

navigate the complex process of

international trade. Whether it's sourcing

products from overseas, or selling products

to other countries, we are here to help.


Our team understands the importance

of timely and efficient supply chain

management for the food and cereal

industry. We provide customized solutions

to meet the specific needs of businesses

operating in this sector, ensuring that they

have access to the products they require

to meet the demands of their customers,

including but not limited to sugar and rice.


Our team has a wealth of experience in

the energy sector, and we understand the

unique challenges and opportunities that

this industry presents. Our services are

designed to help energy companies secure

the resources they need to maintain their

operations and grow their business, including

but not limited to oil and gas products.


Our team has extensive experience

in the transportation and railway sector,

and we understand the unique challenges

that this industry presents. Our services

are designed to help companies in this

sectorsecure the resources they need

to maintaintheir operations and

grow their business.

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