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UAE-based companies are leading the GCC healthcare market with unprecedented success in diabetes diagnosis, according to new findings published by Diabetes in the UAE, a platform launched by UK-based Aging Analytics Agency, a subsidiary of Deep Knowledge Group.

According to data on the platform, the UAE’s diagnostic companies have emerged as trailblazers in the GCC healthcare landscape, offering state-of-the-art solutions to cater to a population with a growing demand for high-quality healthcare services, especially in diabetes.

Commenting on the findings, Sasha Korogodski, Senior Scientific Analyst at Aging Analytics Agency, said: “The UAE boasts the most advanced network of diagnostic laboratories specialising in diabetes testing across the Gulf region. This cutting-edge infrastructure has not only raised the standard of diabetes care but also set a benchmark for the entire GCC healthcare sector.”

In the UAE, a dedicated approach to diabetes care is evident with the presence of over 25 specialised medical centres and clinics. The medical facilities are equipped with the latest technologies and staffed by expert healthcare professionals, ensuring comprehensive and effective diabetes management.

According to the findings, the UAE is at the forefront of medical advancements, with more than 50 diabetes clinical trials conducted, of which an impressive 80% have been successfully concluded. This pioneering body of research is driving innovations in diabetes treatment and management.

International collaboration thrives as six leading pharmaceutical companies contribute to diabetes research in the country. This synergy underscores the UAE’s reputation as a global hub for medical innovation and investment opportunities.


Diabetes associations
Alongside government-led initiatives for diabetes management, the UAE has witnessed the establishment of four major diabetes associations actively promoting educational and awareness-raising campaigns across the nation. Some of these associations have expanded their reach to other Gulf countries, making a significant impact on diabetes awareness and prevention. 

The landscape of companies focused on diabetes is rapidly evolving in the UAE. Dubai and Abu Dhabi emerge as primary hubs for these companies, with more than 60% situated in Dubai and nearly 25% in Abu Dhabi. Other cities, including Al Ain, Sharjah, and Ajman, each host one diabetes-focused company.

UAE hub for clinical trials
The UAE has established itself as a key hub for clinical trials, with 56 trials conducted since 2010. In 2022, three new trials were registered, highlighting the nation’s commitment to advancing clinical research. The UAE’s leadership in clinical research within the Gulf region is evident, with Saudi Arabia and Qatar following closely in its footsteps.

The Diabetes in the UAE platform identifies the 30 foremost diabetes leaders and celebrates their remarkable contributions to innovation in the sector. Among these distinguished professionals are renowned researchers, accomplished data scientists, eminent endocrinologists, and visionary technologists, all deeply committed to tackling the intricate
challenges associated with diabetes management in the UAE. Through their collective expertise and collaborative endeavours, they play a pivotal role in shaping cutting-edge systems that revolutionise diabetes care.

The platform offers insights into the diabetes market and the utilisation of advanced technology in managing individuals with diabetes. Despite extensive campaigns aimed at raising awareness about the detrimental effects of fast-food consumption and sedentary lifestyles, the Arab population still faces a heightened risk of metabolic disorders.

Analytical dashboard empowers professionals
Aging Analytics Agency has designed a dynamic analytical dashboard that sets the standard for defining, analysing, and forecasting trends within the diabetes industry. The dashboard empowers professionals with a comprehensive suite of analytical tools, featuring interactive, searchable, and customizable databases of companies, investors, and funding rounds. It also offers automated SWOT analysis and AI-driven smart-matching capabilities, providing users with a robust toolkit for insightful decision-making in this rapidly evolving field.

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