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Kruger Vitamins & Stevia Vitamins

Empower Your Health Naturally: Fuel Your Body with Kruger vitamins!

Kruger Vitamins

Kruger Vitamins cover your daily requirements and your body needs.

Vit C.png

Vitamin C Effervescent Tablets

With a lemon flavor.
Contributes to the immune system.
Supplements the daily vitamin C requirement.


Multivitamin effervescent tablets

With orange flavor
contains 10 vitamins to provide the daily minimum intake.
Supplement the daily vitamin requirement.


Calcium and Vitamin D Effervescent Tablets

With orange flavor
Contributes to bones, teeth and blood clotting.
Supplement the daily calcium and vitamin D requirement.


Magnesium Effervescent Tablets

With lemon flavor
Contributes to normal energy- yielding metabolism,
normal functioning of the nervous system and normal muscle function.
Supplements the daily magnesium requirement.

once daily-01.png

Once daily Food supplement coated tablets

For the daily health boost
Used as one tablet daily. Food supplement rich in vitamins,
minerals and trace elements.

Kruger Stevia Vitamins

Kruger Stevia Vitamins, a new brand Containing Vitamins and Stevia sweetener, Just two in one product.

vit C-01.png

Vitamin C with Stevia effervescent tablets

With lemon flavor
Dietary supplements with Vitamin C and Steviolglycoside Sweetener.


Calcium and Vitamin D with Stevia effervescent tablets

With Lemon Flavor
Dietary supplements with Calcium and Vitamin D and Steviolglycoside Sweetener.



Magnesium with Stevia effervescent tablets

With Orange Flavor
Dietary supplements with Magnesium and Steviolglycoside Sweetener.

stevia vitamins
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