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UMF20+ = MGO829+

From the nectar of the Manuka tree with a special flavor, dark color and thick texture.

Wonderful Nutritional value of Asentia Manuka Honey

Rich in:

B vitamins, copper, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc, amino acids. Experts have found that the Asentia Manuka Honey contains 4 times the nutrients found in ordinary honey in general.

Zinc is well recognized for influencing growth and affecting the development and integrity of the immune system.

Benefits of Asentia Manuka Honey:

  • Helps strengthen immunity:

It has potential abilities to activate a specific type of immune cell in the body, and it may also help prevent the growth of bacteria that cause sore throats and congestion, so just eating one tablespoon of it in the period of illness may help in immediate improvement in sore throat.


  • Helps in treating digestive problems: Due to the properties of Manuka, which is similar to a natural antibiotic, taking it regularly helps prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestine and treat any digestive problems caused by these bacteria.
  • Also it is very useful in treating acid reflux and bowel and stomach problems and helps to treat constipation and facilitate digestion.
  • Protect the colon from any danger or damage, and reduce the infections that may occur in it
  • A great source of energy for your various daily tasks

Asentia Manuka Honey 250g

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