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Skin & Body Care Products

Unlock the secret to radiant skin with our premium skin and

body care products!

Majestic Skin Care Products

A new MK line Specialized in skin care and Beauty.

hand cream-01.png

MK Silicon Glove (120g)

Protective hand cream with babassu butter + sunflower oil.
Specially developed for dry hands to smooth and soften.

face cream-01.png

MK Hydrating Face Cream – SPF 30 (50 g)

UVA & UVB Protection
Daily moisturizer with UVA / UVB Protection.
Enriched with Coenzyme Q-10 and Vitamin E.

facial tonic-01.png

MK Moisturizing Facial Tonic (150ml)

Moisturizes the skin, without the harshness of alcohol. Removing impurities leaving the skin
clear, soft, and smooth

vit C-01.png

MK Vitamin C Serum – Anti Aging ( 30ml)

For Face & Neck
Vitamin C, Hyaluronic acid and powerful antioxidants. Firms and brightens the skin while improving signs of photo aging.


Majestic Gold Mask

The extremely small particles of gold carry it across the skin barrier and are easily absorbed into your body through the pores of your skin. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are diminished with each gold application. It also reduces the appearance of sun damage and
age spots. It can be used to prevent and maintain moisturized, radiant, healthy-looking skin.

Natural Baltic Marine Collagen

A complete line of 100 % natural face and body care Collagen products, which are made specially to help you feel like never felt before.
Made by a highly specialized & unique process from the collagen of both freshwater and seawater fish

1 body gel-01.png

Baltic Collagen Body Gel

Easy transdermal absorption & optimal effectiveness.
Reduction of cellulite and fat tissue
Prevention of stretch marks on the tummy before and after pregnancy
Prevention of varicose veins and subcutaneous bruising
Smoothing & reduction of scars
Deep hydration and excellent toning of skin
Active regeneration of healthy, revitalized skin
Alleviation of sunburn
Healing effect on hardened and cracked skin of heels, soles and toes of the feet.

2 Face and Neck Gel-01.png

Baltic Collagen Face and Neck Gel

Easy transdermal absorption & optimal effectiveness
Immediate lifting effect and reduction of wrinkles
Thoroughly moisturizes and firms
Regenerates the skin and makes it visibly younger
Smooths & reduces scars
Improves skin texture
Reduces tired look
Alleviates skin allergies
Improves acne rosacea and juvenile acne
Soothes & alleviates sunburn

3 Eyes and lips serum-01.png

Baltic Collagen Eyes and lips serum

Binds water and deeply moisturizes the skin.
Tightens the skin after just 5 minutes.
Rejuvenates and blocks new wrinkles around eyes and lips.
Maintains a good condition of upper eyelid by preventing its drooping.
Decreases visible eye bags and eye circles.

4 Exclusive cream-01.png

Baltic Collagen Exclusive Face Cream

Revitalizes all cell functions
Deeply moistures and lifts skin
Protects and strengthens a skin defense system
soothes out wrinkles
firms facial features
brightens melanoderma
ensures instant brightness and vitality
inhibits a skin aging process
optimal UVA and UVB protection

5 HAND CREAM-01.png

Baltic Collagen Hand cream

It Moistures, smoothens, nourishes,
strengthens and regenerates
the skin.

6 exfoliating cream-01.png

Baltic Collagen Exfoliating Cream

Regenerates the skin by penetrating its deep layers
Prevents wrinkles
Restores natural PH of the skin
Absorbs excess of sebum and leaves your skin matte
Minimalizes the process of lipid oxidation in the surface layers of the skin
Provides effective protection, has detoxification effect, reduces erythema and Prevents skin irritation.

7 Cleansing Milk-01.png

Baltic Collagen Cleansing Milk

Regenerates, enhances skin elasticity and firmness
absorbs excess of sebum and leaves your skin matte
supports mineral reconstruction of skin cells has protective action
It prevents the loss of water and slows down the process of ageing of the surface layers of the skin

8 Hair Mist-01.png

Baltic Collagen Hair Mist

Consolidates, thickens and nourishes hair.
Repairs breakable and damaged hair.
Gives density to large volume.
Nourishes the scalp and penetrates deep into the root of the hair, which slows down hair loss
Contains green tea extract.
Green Tea extract is a source of important protein, peptides and micronutrients .
It soothes the scalp and prevents dandruff and prevents greasy hair

9 Slim body-01.png

Baltic Collagen Slim Body Expert

Shaping cream
result on the area with fatty, deposits such as hips, tummy, thighs and upper arms .
Refines the body contours.
Helps tightening & toning the skin.
Reduce body fat.
Delivers a lifting effect after pregnancy & weight loss.
No side effect.
Long lasting benefit.

SamanDust Face & Spa Care Products

SamanDust Products
100% Natural, Pure organic, Handmade face and Spa care products.
Ingredients: Natural components: Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Thermal Sand, Green Soap, Olive Oil Powder, Almond Oil, Chios mastic, Essential Oils, Rose water, Water, Snail Elixir

1 Face mask 1.jpg

SamanDust Face Mask

For all skin types
For cleaning, wrinkle reduction and
immediate tightening without drying the skin.
Apply to clean skin, leave for 8-15 Min.


SamanDust Spa Soap Powder Blue

Prevent musculoskeletal strain by offering relaxation and well-being.
For relaxation of muscles - essential oil: Rosemary


SamanDust Spa Soap Powder Green

Prevent musculoskeletal strain by offering relaxation and well-being.
For anti-stress effects - essential oil: Rosewood


SamanDust Spa Soap Powder Red

Prevent musculoskeletal strain by offering relaxation and well-being.
For libido-boosting effects - essential oil: Rose


SamanDust Spa Soap Powder Brown

Prevent musculoskeletal strain by offering relaxation and well-being.
For stimulation - essential oil: Chamomile

Mk skincare
Natural Baltic Marine Collagen
SamanDust Face and Body Care
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