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Kruger Instant Varieties

Instant Satisfaction, Infinite Variety: Enjoy it, Every time!

instant tea varaities-01.png

Instant Tea Varieties

Enjoy the Fruity Refreshment
Available Forms: Apple Tea, Peach Tea, Wild berry tea, Lemon Tea
And, Enjoy the Calorie reduced Fruity Refreshment
Available Forms: Calorie Reduced: Wild fruit tea, Lemon tea, Blood Orange Tea, Apple Tea

Herbal Tea for Infants-01.png

Herbal Tea for Infants

Soothing Herbal tea for children
Kruger Impress Herbal Tea

fruity mis granules-01.png

Fruity Mix Granules

Two fruity flavors in one jar
Available Forms: Fruity Mix (strawberry-kiwi)-(Cherry-Banana)- (Mango-Passion Fruit)

Chill Out Drinking Chocolate-01.png

Chill Out Drinking Chocolate

Cocoa drink with relaxing lavender and extracts from hops and melissa
soothe the soul.


Finest Premium Drinking Chocolate-01.png

Finest Premium Drinking Chocolate

Unique creamy texture


3 Instant Cocoa Drinks.png

Instant Cocoa Drinks

Granulated Cocoa drinks for the whole family.

7 Chocoquick-01.png

Choco Quick

A delicious Cocoa drink for whole family.

2 Hot Chocolate.png

Hot Chocolate

Granulated Cocoa drinks for the whole family.

Cocoa Powder-01.png

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa Powder for delicious cakes, desserts and drinks.

Pasta Nussa-01.png

Pasta Nussa

Chocolate Spread in two variations
Available Forms: Pasta Nussa and Pasta Nussa Duo.

4 Coffee Creamer.png

Coffee Creamer

A Creamy addition to your Coffee.

Chai Latte-01.png

Chai Latte

Inspired by traditional, Spicy-sweet chia tea from India
Available forms : Classic, Vanilla-cinnamon, Chocolate, Ginger-Lemongrass,
Classic less sweet, Honig, Coconut-Almond.

Candy Shop Frappe-01.png

Candy Shop Frappe

Candy taste in creamy drink in three varieties
Available Forms: Cakepop, Cotton Candy, popcorn


Instant Coffee Specialities-01.png

Instant Coffee Specialities

Dolce vita Cappuccino
Available forms( Classic, unsweetened, Vanilla, Chocolate, Latte Macchiato)


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