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FOR THICK COARSE CURLY HAIR Maximum Strength WASH SAME DAY FORMULA. MAXIMUM STRENGTH- FOR THICK COARSE CURLEY HAIR- This unique formula represents the cutting edge in Keratin based Nano gold technology. A unique combination of authentic 100% Brazilian Keratin ingredients and 24KT Gold nano particles bringing your hair to a new level of elegance, softness and shine. Majestic Keratin GOLD & HONEY emanates luxurious shine from root to tip that is designed to help all your hair's need. Rich with vitamins & minerals for extra assistance of day to day manageability.  



  • Wash the hair twice with Majestic Clarifying Shampoo. Rinse well and towel dry.  For very tight curls & virgin hair:  leave the shampoo on for 7 to 10 minutes to ensure that the hair cuticles are ready to receive the treatment.
  • Blow-dry hair with moderate heat.  Blow dry to 90 to100% .
  • Part hair.  Apply Majestic Treatment with an application brush 0.5 cm away from the roots, section by section. Do not over saturate.  Complete each section by combing root to tip to distribute the treatment evenly and remove excess treatment. Do not touch the scalp.
  • Dry hair well with Blow dryer and Circular brush 100 %. The more the hair is dried, the better the results.
  • Use flat iron with a maximum of 400 - 450 degrees Fahrenheit / 210 -230 Celsius temperature. Iron each section 10-12 times at least. Use very thin sections of the hair.
  • Wash hair after 24 hours with Majestic Replenishing Shampoo and Conditioner.
  • For Best results apply Majestic Keratin serum, Argan oil or Leave In.


Majestic Brazilian Hair Treatment Gold & Honey



Majestic Brazilian Hair Treatment Gold & Honey

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