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Biothesiometer Plus

Biothesiometer Plus is a portable, self-calibrated, and easy-to-use device that measures the vibration perception threshold of your patients. It uses a piezoelectric motor that eliminates the operator variability and ensures accurate and consistent readings. 💯

Biothesiometer Plus is also the only device that does not require periodic calibrations, thanks to its advanced technology that prevents the loss of vibration mechanism. It is powered by rechargeable batteries that offer better performance and durability. 🔋

Biothesiometer Plus is ideal for detecting sensory deficit and measuring the threshold of appreciation of vibration in diabetic patients or in any other cases where this kind of assessment is required. 🩺

Don’t miss this opportunity to get your hands on the most compact, reliable, and innovative device for vibration sensitivity tests.

 Contact us today and let us show you how Biothesiometer Plus can help you improve your practice. 📞

For more information:


 +971 55 292 8161

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